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Things you can do (Hong Kong for Elephants )

October 4th is the day of International March for Elephants, a global march where hundreds of people hit the streets of their cities to protest the elephant poaching crisis in Africa. On that day, we hosted Hong Kong's first ELEPHANT WALK to raise awareness of the issue so that we might make a difference to the insatiable Chinese demand for ivory. There has never been any serious education of the Elephant/Ivory crisis in Hong Kong and we urged locals to join us to become 'Elephant Warriors' for our walk. ACE Foundation also gathered a group of young conservationists aged 5-12 and dubbed them Elephant Angels. The successful press conference and Elephant Walk event was featured in all local newspapers and magazines as well as all T.V. stations. One of our Elephant Angels is the great-great-granddaughter of the Chinese revolutionary, Dr. Sun Yat-sen. We hope to be able to reach out to and raise awareness in mainland China soon. Upon investigation, we found out that many mainland Chinese have no idea the elephants are poached, with many having their faces hacked into while still alive but severely injured to extract the ivory tusks. Poachers are also non discriminant when it comes to age. At the most recent HK custom's seizure, only 4 fully adult tusks were seen among hundreds. Most of the poached elephants are juveniles now because elephants age slowly and herds cannot grow quickly enough to supply demands. In fact, in a recent bout of poaching in Africa, cyanide was used in all the water holes of a vast protected area during drought and all life in that area was severely decimated. It is not only Africa that is in trouble though. Asian elephant ivory is preferred for jewelry due to it being a stronger substance and stories of 'accidental' deaths of elephants and the subsequent mysterious disappearance of their tusks abound in Thailand. ACE is planning to expose vital data related to elephant ivory, Religion, and Feng Shui. We have noticed numerous carvings of religious deities yet most of these religions profess compassion or a love of living things. Furthermore, no matter how beautiful the item, if it comes from such traumatizing and horrific deaths of intelligent beings, it cannot possibly be good Feng Shui. Once we have enough supporting data from those qualified to comment, we will be launching it through as many sources as possible.

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